Diploma in Land Surveying

About the Course

Across the world, Land Surveyors are in great demand in various sectors including oil & gas, mining, infrastructure, construction, civil engineering etc. Land surveyor education is mostly associated with civil engineering discipline. Most of the surveyors have informal education, through work experience, restricting their growth option. This course meets the long felt need for skilled manpower in this field.

Course Methodology

The course study material will be available to students for each semester via the online platform. The assignments related to study material will be sent twice each semester. The assignments are to be completed and sent back by the student within stipulated time period.

Field training is mandatory to complete this course. Institute has all the required equipment & facilities to impart field training in association with surveying industry.

Foreign students have a choice to undergo this training in their own country as well.

Programme Details

The programme is essentially a judicious mix of theory and practical components to develop technology based knowledge, skills and aptitude of land surveying professionals.

Course Code: DLS1

Course Title: Basic Surveying: Theory and Practice

Course Credit: 4

Course Code: DLS2

Course Title: Effective Communication Skills for Land Surveyors

Course Credit: 2

Course Code: DLS3

Course Title: Mathematics for Surveyors

Course Credit: 2

Course Code: DLS4

Course Title: Geodetic and Control Surveying

Course Credit: 4

Course Code: DLS5

Course Title: Control and Topographic Surveying

Course Credit: 4

Course Code: DLS6

Course Title: Global Positioning System

Course Credit: 4

Course Code: DLS7

Course Title: Photogrammetry

Course Credit: 4

Course Code: DLS8

Course Title: Survey Markers & Monumentation

Course Credit: 4

Course Code: DLS9

Course Title: Field Training

Course Credit: 4

Programme Components

Communication for Surveyors, Mathematics for Surveyors, Basic Surveying - Theory & Practice, Control & Topographic Surveying, Geodetic & Control Surveying, Survey Markers & Monumentation, Photogrammetry, GIS, Remote Sensing & GPS, Computer Aided Design, Survey Software. Practical field training on advanced equipment like DGPS, Total Stations etc.

Course Eligibility

10+2 or 10th with minimum 02 years of surveying experience

Medium of Instruction


Course Duration

12 months (online/ distance learning and 03 months of field work); offered in January, April, July & October cycle of admissions

Fee Structure

First Semester

Indian Nationals in INR (₹) : ₹30,000

Foreign Nationals in USD ($): $1000

Second Semester

Indian Nationals in INR (₹) : ₹25,000

Foreign Nationals in USD ($): $850