Certificate Course in Hydrogeology

About the Course

Hydro-geologists are in great demand in various sectors including mining, infrastructure, construction, ground water, civil engineering etc. The course is designed for personnel from related sectors looking to enhance their knowledge and qualification to work as qualified hydro-geologist. The study material will be sent to students once by speed-post/ courier. The assignments related to study material will be sent, to be completed and sent back by the candidate within stipulated time period.

Course Methodology

The course study material will be available to students for each semester via the online platform. The assignments related to study material will be sent twice each semester. The assignments are to be completed and sent back by the student within stipulated time period.

Field training is mandatory to complete this course. Institute has all the required equipment & facilities to impart field training in association with surveying industry.

Foreign students have a choice to undergo this training in their own country as well.

Programme Details

The programme is essentially a judicious mix of theory and practical components to develop technology based knowledge, skills and aptitude of land surveying professionals.

Course Code: CCHG1

Course Title: Hydrologic Cycle

Course Credit: 2

Course Code: CCHG2

Course Title: Locating Sites for Ground Water Development including geophysics

Course Credit: 2

Course Code: CCHG3

Course Title: Water Well Design& Pumping Tests

Course Credit: 1

Course Code: CCHG4

Course Title: Ground Water Regime Monitoring & Optimizing Monitoring Network

Course Credit: 2

Course Code: CCHG5

Course Title: Analysis of Hydrographs

Course Credit: 2

Course Code: CCHG6

Course Title: Relevance of Water Quality Studies

Course Credit: 2

Course Code: CCHG7

Course Title: Artificial Recharge Technologies for Water Conservation

Course Credit: 1

Course Code: CCHG8

Course Title: Ground Water Resources Assessment Methodology

Course Credit: 2

Course Code: CCHG9

Course Title: Ground Water Modeling

Course Credit: 2

Programme Components

 Introduction to Hydrogeology, Groundwater system and Geologic Processes, Hydraulic Head, Porosity, Water Content, Hydraulic Conductivity, Specific, Storage, Specific Yield And Aquifer System, Water Level Monitoring And Hydrograph Preparations, Hydrogeological Investigations for Bore Well Drilling in Different Hydrogeological Terrain, Determination of Aquifer’s Parameters, Quality of Groundwater and Contaminant Transport Properties, Governing Equations and Calculation of Groundwater Flow, Brief on Numerical Groundwater Modelling, Brief on Analytic Groundwater Modelling, Hydrogeological Investigations for Selecting Artificial Recharge Sites, Groundwater Resources Estimations, Groundwater and Related Geotechnical Problems

Course Eligibility

Graduate with science discipline either having Geology or Physics as one of the subjects. Graduates having other specialized qualifications related to water sector also can apply and their eligibility will be subject to approval by the institute.

Medium of Instruction


Course Duration

 6 months (online/ distance learning); offered in January, April, July & October cycle of admissions.

Fee Structure

First Semester

Indian Nationals in INR (₹) : ₹30,000

Foreign Nationals in USD ($): $1000

Second Semester

Indian Nationals in INR (₹) : ₹25,000

Foreign Nationals in USD ($): $850