Advanced Geophysical Tools for Investigations of Tunnel Projects
2 Days Training Workshop

Venue: Central Board of Irrigation & Power-CBIP
(Hall Name: NHPC), Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri,
New Delhi,- 110021, India

Date: 19th -20th December 2019

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Format: Classroom with Equipment Demonstration & Live Field Work

In association With

Central Board of Irrigation & Power

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AF Academy


Modern major construction is inconceivable without high-level engineering explorations, which play a major role in increasing the economic efficiency of capital investments. For the design of structures it is indispensable to procure comprehensive high-quality information about the subsurface, within very short periods. The study of diverse natural conditions predetermines a variety of methods and technical means which can be used for carrying out exploratory work.

Most of the time, while working on tunnels, caverns and other underground projects, decision makers are working with limited and imperfect information. Engineering geophysics is an efficient mean of subsurface investigation to fill in the information gaps and provide a complimentary source of information to enhance our understanding of subsurface conditions. The merit of application of this low cost aid lies in its ease of deployment and rapidity in providing reliable knowledge of the underground over a large area, substantiating the requisite geotechnical evaluation studies thereby.

Technological advancements and development of portable digital dataacquisition instrument systems have increased the versatility in evaluating underground conditions and site characterization.

The state-of-the-art subsurface geophysical investigations are helpful towards minimizing & optimizing involvement of the conventional direct exploration methods, aiding in accelerated and economic development of the underground construction projects. The investigations also play a key role in quality checks of construction and non-destructive health checks during entire life cycle of tunnels, caverns and other underground projects.

The training workshop will present learning on geophysical techniques for investigations in planning, pre-construction, construction and maintenance stages of underground projects.


The full potential of geophysics for site investigation in India is yet to be fully realized. The incorrect and inappropriate use of geophysics has over the years caused a great deal of damage to its reputation as a bona fide and reliable technology. The objective of this workshop is to familiarize participants with details of various available techniques and empower them with required knowledge to plan/ execute/ supervise geophysical investigation program for tunnel project site investigations. The program will also cover quality control and quality checks on data, ensuring quality results are obtained from geophysical program.

Learning Focus

  • Gaining understanding of various geophysical methods and their application for tunnel projects 
  • Gaining understanding of various geophysical methods for tunnel route selection 
  • Development of Capabilities to determine the suitability and anticipate challenges along the proposed tunnel route. 
  • Understand various investigations techniques available for investigations in planning, pre-construction, construction and maintenance stages of underground projects. 

Who Should Attend?

This 02 day program will help professionals, engineers, geotechnical engineers and geo-scientists dealing with tunnelling projects. The program will also help project owners hiring services of geophysical surveys, enabling them understand capabilities and limitations of various methods and derive maximum return on their investment on a geophysical survey.


The program will enable the participant to derive maximum information from geophysical investigation program and help them design the right investigation program for a particular project requirement. It will also enable them to choose the right combination of techniques for varied geological conditions. The state-of-the-art subsurface geophysical investigations are helpful towards minimizing involvement of the conventional direct exploration methods, aiding in accelerated and economical development of projects.

Key Elements

  • Introduction to Geophysics
  • Investigation requirement for tunnelling projects- Mapping of bedrock depth and topography, rock strength, detection of faults, fractures, water lenses, cavities, etc. 
  • Sub-surface characterization for depth of bedrock, type of rock, layers and fractures in rock, grounder water flow, water table, weak zones, and expansive clays. 
  • Finalization of most suitable tunnel alignment having least occurrence of ‘difficult’ zones like faults, fractures, water lenses etc. 
  • Engineering properties of earth materials like stiffness, density, electrical resistivity, porosity etc. 
  • Selecting borehole locations (optimising drilling) and obtain reliable information about the nature and variability of the subsurface between existing boreholes.
  • To obtain subsurface information in environmentally sensitive areas, on contaminated ground, or on private property, where drilling is either not possible or extremely cumbersome. 
  • To conduct quality assessment of built tunnels, detecting delamination, void behind concrete lining/ shotcrete, detection of anomalous zones leading to seepage in the tunnel etc. 
  • To check efficacy of rehabilitation methods (like grouting) by comparing pre and post rehabilitation results. 
  • Geophysical Techniques under focus will be: 
    •  Heliborne Time Domain Electro-Magnetic Method (TDEM) 
    • Seismic Reflection 
    • Seismic Refraction
    •  Electrical Resistivity Imaging/ tomography 
    • Ground Penetrating Radar 
    • MASW/ SASW/ ReMi 
    • Crosshole/ downhole/ uphole 
    • Cross Hole Seismic Tomography 
    • Tunnel Seismic Prediction 
    • Geo-electrical Real-time Ground Prediction While TBM-Boring 
  • Case studies 
  • Mock field investigation procedure 
  •  Interactive session with trainees

About AF Academy

AF Academy is an entity of Aqua Foundation, registered under Societies act in year 1998. AFA provides training & knowledge sharing platform to decision & policy makers, working professionals, operating level personnel and aspiring students willing to specialize in technical sector. Specialized trainings/ workshops and courses are been offered by AFA on subjects like Water, Geophysics and Land Survey.

Fee Structure

Government Departments, Ministries:      INR 8,000 INR        per participant  

Private, PSUs, Boards:                                   INR1 2,000 INR      per participant  

Students, Research Scholars:                       INR 5,000 INR        per participant

 GST@18% is extra as applicable. 

The fee is inclusive of training notes, morning & evening tea & lunch. A discount of 10% on group booking of 04 or more participants from a single organization is applicable.

Registration Process

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