Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

Subsurface Utility Engineering Workshop

Having accurate knowledge of subsurface/ underground/ buried utilities (pipes/ cables/ drains etc.) is critical for any infrastructure project. The successful detection and mapping of buried utilities involves the combination of several techniques, the results of which are synthesized down to a single interpreted plot. The techniques and methodologies used will primarily depend upon the required outcome for the survey, the site conditions and the type of pipes or cables being targeted.

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) is an upcoming field dealing with procedure and standards for detection and mapping of underground utilities. 

The workshop comprehensively covers all the aspects related to conducting a successful underground utility detection and mapping project. The workshop also serves as certification program of three levels (trade skill certificate level 1,2 & 3) leading to certification as ‘SUE Engineer’ with a unique seal to certify utility drawings.

A Profession in Demand

SUE Engineer- A Profession in Demand:  

INDSTT: 401-2018- Code of Practice for Subsurface Utility Engineering Suiting Indian Conditions - Guidelines & Specifications for Detection, Verification & Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data, was released in December 2018 and is likely to be adopted by a large number of organizations in coming years. The code stipulates that “The drawings prepared using the process of subsurface utility engineering should finally be stamped and signed by a certified Subsurface Utility Engineer”. Presently there are almost 50 SUE Engineers available in entire country, and the demand is likely to be in thousands shortly. 

Title of SUE Engineer is granted upon acquiring the necessary professional skills in Subsurface Utility Engineering field through SUE Engineer training program. The program comprises of three levels of training and respective level- end tests conducted by IndSTT followed by the certification and grant of SUE Engineer Seal with distinct serial number for each qualified and certified SUE Engineer. SUE Engineer can function in five different roles

  • Project Owner’s Engineer/Adviser
  • Service Provider’s Engineer/Adviser
  • Right of Way Owner’s Engineer/Adviser 
  • Third Party Consultant
  • Expert Witness

Present workshop presents an opportunity to professionals to get certified as SUE Engineer.

Here under is gallery of SUE engineers already certified with their unique seal

The complete list with all details can be seen at

Key Elements of Training Workshop

  • Introduction to Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) 
  • Utility Quality Level Attributes 
  • Quality Level D, C, B, A 
  • Steps and procedures for QL-D data collection 
  • Survey procedures for collecting QL-C data (including use of total station, DGPS etc.) 
  • Field Procedure and Approaches for GPR Surveys 
  • Antenna selection, frequency vis depth
  •  Various Antenna Configurations in various applications 
  • Data acquisition, data handling 
  • Data Processing of GPR data 
  • High pass, low pass filters, Ormsby bandpass filtering, Notch Filters 
  • AGC, Move Out Correction, Terrain Correction, Migration, energy envelops
  • Time-depth conversion 
  • Data interpretation of GPR data 
  • Field Procedure and Approaches for EPL Surveys 
  • Direct Connection Mode, Clamp Mode, Induction Mode 
  • Choosing right frequency & locating in difficult cases 
  • SUE map preparation guidelines, including plan, L-section etc. 
  • Special session of SUE for HDD and Micro Trenching

Get Certified as SUE Engineer

There is an acute shortage of qualified professionals to supervise the entire process of subsurface utility engineering. This program is an effort to cater to this need and certify eligible personnel as Subsurface Utility Engineer authorised to stamp and sign final SUE drawings. The process of certification leading to Subsurface Utility Engineer will be as under:

Level-1 certification: SUE Workshop

Level-2 certification: Advanced Workshop on GPR, EPL and other designation techniques

Level-3 certification: Advanced Workshop on utilities networks, drawings, standards and drawing certification.

After completing above 3 workshops, one will become eligible to be certified as subsurface utility engineer, and will be issued a numbered stamp also to be used for drawing certification. All the 03 levels will be covered in 03 days workshop. Those who have already completed Level-1 certification can opt to attend the workshop on day-3 only, and appear for Level 2 & 3 test. 

Upon successful participation & clearing the tests, the participants would be awarded certificates of program participation, certificate of CPD hours credit & IndSTT Professional Qualification certificate as per the completion level attained.

CPD Hours Credit

The training program is approved by Engineering Council of India for the award of 24 Continued Professional Development Hours, to the registered event delegates who participate for the complete event.

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